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Something I just found out.

Rad like you?

Boring Stuff

1* Name: Kaleigh
2* Location: Sandwich, MA
3* Age: 15
4* Sex: Female

Rad stuff

5* Four really rad bands:
-Jimmy Eat World
-Third Eye Blind
-The Grateful Dead

6* Four really rad books:
-A Prayer for Owen Meany
-The Genesis Code
-The Case for Faith
-Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man

7* Four really rad songs:
-Ramina - Jimmy Eat World
-Satisfied - Alius Spero
-Playing for Keeps - Switchfoot
-Litium - Nirvana

8* Four really rad shows you've been to:
-Switchfoot again
-Formerly 54/Alius Spero/My life story/it starts with us (local bands)
-almost went to a jimmy eat world show (before tickets sold out...:( )

9* Four really rad movies:
-The Mothman Prophecies
-The Forgotten
-The Mummy

Questions we feel like asking

10* Tell me something fun you did this week: I went to a concert...local bands and such.

11* What do you like to do when you're bored? guitar...go online.

12* Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? nope

13* What is you favourite item of clothing? Why? My black T-shirt. Because it goes with everything, and it fits really well.

14* Where do you go to do fun crazy things? Wal-Mart.

15* Do you like cake? Quite a bit.

16* Who is the raddest famous person you can think of and why? Probably Jim Adkins...becuase he is an insanely talented musician...and I may or may not be ridiculousy obsessed with his band.

17* What would you say/do to me if i asked you where you wanted to be in 5 years? I want to be off Cape Cod.

18* Describe yourself in three words: eccentric, strange, outgoing

19* What underwear are you wearing today? Teal panties.

20* Tell us six rad facts about yourself:
-I'm not sure what color my eyes are.
-I wanted to marry Tigger until I was 8
-When I was eight I wanted to marry the vampire from Beatle Borgs.
-I have had three different dreams in which I am pregnant.
-I am attracted to fat people.
-I have broken my collar bone in the same place 3 times.

Quote me up, baby:

21* A quote that makes you feel good: "Go ahead and do the impossible. It's worth the look on the faces of those who said you couldn't."

22* A quote that makes you laugh: "Money can't buy you happiness, but I can make you enjoy your misery"

23* A quote that makes you think: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. "

24* A quote that you sums you up: "Originality is unexplored territory. You get there by carrying a canoe. You can't take a taxi."

What do you think about...

25* What are your opinions on fashion? Fashion is a part of popular culture. I don't think you should let it dictate what you wear, but I don't think it's the root of all evil either.

26* What are your opinions on buying vs. downloading? Downloading is cool, for checking out bands and stuff. But if you like a band, and you enjoy most of the songs on the album you downloaded, then don't be a jerk, go out and buy it, support the artist so they can make more great music.

27* What are your opinions on opinions? Opinions are fine. It gets a little annoying when people get in your face and try to change your opinions, because they feel everyone is entitled to an opinion...except the people that disagree with them.


28* I really, really hate...? Fake people who chase a certain "image".

29* I'm in love with...simple things.

30* When i feel hungry...I eat.

31* I get mad when...people patronize me.

32* Its awesome when...people think I'm unique.

33* Books make me...intrigued.

34* Robots one...uh...?

35* A play about my life would be called...Kaleigh's mind, and other assorted oddities.

36* Screaming!

37* I like to shop at...inexpensive stores.

38* When i'm on a train...never been on a train, but I imagine I'd be pretty excited if I was.

39* eating a whole box of cookie in one go is...a skill.


40* Post a picture of yourself. Alternatively, post a picture of something which represents you.

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