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Are you rad like us?

we're too kool for skool

Rad Like Us
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You know the rules by now:

1* We'll start with a simple one. Fill out the application.

2* You application must be under LJ cut.

3* In the subject like you must put "rad like you?"

4* Please please please try and make the questions bold so we can read your app.

5* Wait for people to vote on you.

6* When people have voted, you will be stamped either accepted or rejected by a mod.

7* If you are rejected then you should just leave. We're not going to bother to ban you but if you continue to post then we will, because we enjoy the power ;)

8* If you are accepted then you can stay and post and vote on new apps and generally be rad.

If you are a member then post lots. You can post anything, because you're rad. Pictures, lyrics, talk about bands you've seen, books you're read, a CD you've bought, random crap about your day...pretty much anything.

HOWEVER if you want to advertise another community please put it under cut or we will delete the post because it gets annoying.

Fill in the application before you join:

Boring Stuff

1* Name:
2* Location:
3* Age:
4* Sex:

Rad stuff

5* Four really rad bands:

6* Four really rad books:

7* Four really rad songs:

8* Four really rad shows you've been to:

9* Four really rad movies:

Questions we feel like asking

10* Tell me something fun you did this week:

11* What do you like to do when you're bored?

12* Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

13* What is you favourite item of clothing? Why?

14* Where do you go to do fun crazy things?

15* Do you like cake?

16* Who is the raddest famous person you can think of and why?

17* What would you say/do to me if i asked you where you wanted to be in 5 years?

18* Describe yourself in three words:

19* What underwear are you wearing today?

20* Tell us six rad facts about yourself:

Quote me up, baby:

21* A quote that makes you feel good:

22* A quote that makes you laugh:

23* A quote that makes you think:

24* A quote that you sums you up:

What do you think about...

25* What are your opinions on fashion?

26* What are your opinions on buying vs. downloading?

27* What are your opinions on opinions?


28* I really, really hate...?

29* I'm in love with...

30* When i feel hungry...

31* I get mad when...

32* Its awesome when...

33* Books make me...

34* Robots one...

35* A play about my life would be called...

36* Screaming is...

37* I like to shop at...

38* When i'm on a train...

39* eating a whole box of cookie in one go is...


40* Post a picture of yourself. Alternatively, post a picture of something which represents you.

have crazy, wild fun!